Earn without investment!

We have collected the best ways to earn money without investing in one place
  • Use extension
  • Watch a video
  • Sell traffic
  • Visit sites
  • Invite referrals

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Instant payments

Minimum amount to withdraw $ 0.03

Invite new users

Which will generate your endless passive income

10 levels deep, 5% each

By inviting new users with your unique links, you build the first level of your structure. You get 5% of all the money earned by your invited users. They can also invite new users to their structure, this will be your 2nd level of structure, and you will receive 5% from them. Thus, your structure will grow to level 10 in depth, from each of which you will receive 5%!

10% from advertisers

Inviting advertisers you get 10% from each replenishment of their advertising account.

Or get referrals not inviting anyone!

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Business Machine

Automatic attraction of referrals to your structure

Business Machine is a function that allows you to advertise your referral link in the advertising network Surfe.be due to the money you earned. In fact, the system creates a banner with your referral link.

You can set the percentage of earned money that goes to the account of this banner. If you choose 50%, then half earned money immediately goes to the account of the Business Machine, and when a sufficient amount is accumulated there for at least 1 impression, your banner falls into rotation.

This allows you to automatically reinvest the earned money to attracting referrals.

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Sell traffic from your site

Place our banner on your site and get paid for impressions or clicks!